Brailes House

Description of this historic site

Brailes House, a house dating to the Post Medieval period. It possibly stands on site of an earlier manor house. The house is situated in Orchard Close, Brailes.

Notes about this historic site

1 Early 18th century main block of two stories, stone built, having four windows with key-blocks and a parapet. In the late 18th early/19th century a stone wing was added, having three windows and a three-light angular bay, with a square headed porch to the side. Oral tradition suggests this is the manor house of Lower Brailes rather than the site at Old Rectory Farm.
2 It is claimed that foundations exist for a much older structure, but verification has been impossible.
3 An archaeological observation of earth moving in association with the creation of a swimming pool, two new houses and garages at Brailes House, recorded stone foundations from the part-demolished Post-Medieval house but no evidence for an earlier manor house.

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