Baginton Mill

Description of this historic site

Baginton Mill, a watermill that dates back to the Medieval period. It continued to be used through to the Imperial period. It is situated 100m east of Baginton Bridge. Some of the mill buildings are still standing, whilst other remains are visible as earthworks.

Notes about this historic site

1 A mill at Baginton is recorded in 1086. In 1545, Francis Goodere owned a mill called ‘overcorne myll’, which probably stood on this site. Information on ownership exists for the mid 19th century until closure in the late 1920s. For some years afterwards the mill was occupied as a private residence, but has since become a public house and restaurant. Much rebuilding has been carried out, but parts of the original remain. The old mill building is now surrounded by extensions. During conversion all the machinery was removed except for the undershot waterwheel, which still turns. It measures approximately 5.5m in diameter by 1.2m wide.

2A document of 1656 mentions ‘edge tole mill’ and it has been suggested the mill may have been used for tool sharpening in the 17th century.

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