Findspot - Bronze Age flint arrowhead

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a Bronze Age flint arrowhead was found 300m east of the church at Baginton.

Notes about this historic site

1 The only reference to this find (apart from the OS Card which gives the above location) is by Edwards who, as an addendum to his reporting of the finds described on WA 2678, says “I had found a barbed and tanged flint arrowhead (now in Coventry Museum) about 12 months previously (summer of 1930), and approximately 100 yards from the site of the beaker. Arrows of this type were common in the Early Bronze Age”.
3 The ground is now derelict after back filling the pit.
4 When following up and trying to locate this find in the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry, only one flint arrowhead could be found; and although no direct link could be made, it was assumed that these were one and the same: the only note on the accession card says “triangular arrowhead: from surface of river pit”; the number is A 885/11/1.

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