Ansty Airfield

Description of this historic site

Ansty Airfield ; its extent and history based on an aerial photographs and on documentary evidence.

Notes about this historic site

1 Ansty airfield from a RAF aerial photo of 1949.
2 In 1935 Sir John Siddeley, head of the Armstrong Siddeley Company, set up a flying school at this site.
3 The airfield is shown on the aeronautical wartime OS map.
4 New WWII sites to the north of Combe Abbey. Possibly RAF Ansty. Including a concrete air raid shelter visible from road. It consists of an earthen mound eroded to expose concrete chamber and escape hatch. An area of buildings are shown on 1949 Aerial photographs. A cluster of 1940s buildings surive within the Rolls Royce Plant and visible from the road.
5 Aerodrome, owned and operated by Air Services Training Limited was recquisitioned by the RAF in 1940, operation as an RAF elementary flying training station until March 1944. Detailed information.

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