Ridge and furrow, Coventry Eastern Bypass Site 4

Description of this historic site

The remains of Medieval ridge and furrow cultivation which survived as earthworks. Much of the ridge and furrow has been destroyed by recent road building and pipeline installation. The site is located north west of Walsgrave Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 Part of large, well-preserved area of ridge and furrow c300m W of Walsgrave Hill surveyed by plane-table by Tom Heyes, with photographic & sketch records of remainder. In excess of 90% since been destroyed by road corridor and removal of hill for construction use. Close dating not possible though several phases of activity were represented. Of particular interest were clear signs of at least two main phases where furlongs intersected and a possible third phase where low, flat topped ridges were noted between many of the higher ones.
2 Pipeline by BUFAU across area – pasture and ploughted fields. Route cut R&F orientated NW-SE.
3 Textual information and general location from West Midlands SMR (No 5483), which holds mapped information.

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