The Trial of Santa Claus

'Santa' looks slightly grumpy.
Photo by Benjamin Earl.

They’re a harsh lot in Nuneaton…

Anyway, it’s safe to say also imaginative. The Nuneaton Observer of December 11th 1964 reports on the above event, held by the Weddington and District Discussion Group to conclude their 1964 activities. Tantalisingly, the article doesn’t say what Santa Claus is on trial for so we just have to imagine what Santa could have done (put your Claus away if you want to be catty?). It does say, however, that prosecution and defence both gave as good as they got, with the audience “in fits of laughter” during the summing up.

So the result?

Not guilty after the judge was “completely baffled” by some of the points of law brought up.

So it’s certainly an imaginative Christmas celebration, and one of the more creative I’ve seen! It begs the question though… can any of you beat this for flair? Got any memories of events (or indeed Santas!) you want to share? Do please leave your comments below.

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