Old Whitnash Endowed School and Schoolmaster's House

A school for the poor of Whitnash

Built in 1861, it was partially endowed by Henry Eyres Landor Esquire.

  • The free school was built for the poor Inhabitants of Whitnash, and the purpose was to teach the children to work in agriculture or other forms of labour.
  • It catered for children between the ages of 5 to 14 years, and their studies were five days a week 9am until 4pm with a break at midday for one hour.

Appeal for Funds

In the 1870s the Trustees made an appeal for funds by a voluntary subscription, and not by the rates or use of public funds.

Present Day

The old school was closed in the 1960s and replaced with a new school St Margaret’s.

On 25th October 2005 the school was declared a Grade II listed building and today it is a private building.


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