October Snippets From the Nuneaton Chronicle - 1914

Sale of horses for use in the Great War, held at Stourton. 1914
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It’s really interesting to read through local newspapers published during the First World War. They provide an insight into life at home and details of local soldiers fighting out on the Western Front. Here are a few snippets published in the October 1914 additions of the Nuneaton Chronicle:

October 2nd 1914- Atherstone Woman’s Unpatriotic Action

A Woman from Atherstone was fined 5s at the Magistrate’s court for tearing down a recruitment poster.

October 9th 1914 – Horses from Nuneaton Borough

40 horses commandeered from Nuneaton Borough Council for the Army.

October 23rd 1914 – Nieces as Nurses

Two of Alderman Fielding Johnson’s nieces have been acting as Red Cross nurses in Belgium. They have been under fire but have got away just in time, they came home with the wounded they have been nursing.

October 30th 1914 – The War and Public Houses

Nuneaton, Atherstone & District Licensed Victuallers Association has issued a notice which is conspicuously displayed in each of the houses occupied by members and run thus: ‘The War. Special Notice. The members of the Association will, during the war, exercise the greatest care to prevent excessive drinking & will refuse to supply recipients of relief from the National Fund’.

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Nuneaton Chronicle, 2nd, 9th, 23rd & 30th October 1914, courtesy of Warwickshire County Record Office.

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