My Prefab Home in Nuneaton

My home in 22 Black-A=Tree Road, was just like this.
Image courtesy of June M Russ

When I was two we moved into our first home which was a prefab. It was made of asbestos and was the corner house of a little estate of prefabs, built after the war. It had everything built in including a separate bathroom and toilet (both indoors), hot and cold running water, a coal fire… and built in cupboards, drawers, and wardrobes.

We lived there for 23 years but didn’t realise how lucky we were as we thought it was cold in the winter but hot in the summer. Because the window frames were metal, temperature expansion used to cause the glass to crack! Also, it was a little on the small side as our family grew.

Fire hazard

However we were mainly happy there. We were able to play farms in our garden as it was not very cultivated, and I used to keep furry caterpillars and ladybirds but didn’t understand where they used to disappear to. A major problem with the prefabs were that they were quite a fire hazard, and one night the house behind ours caught fire; the only thing left standing were the four metal corner posts.

There was always talk of pulling the prefabs down and putting permanent  housing there, but this did not happen till after I was married and left home. There were permanent prefabs not far from us and they had pebble dashed walls and wooden window frames, so are possibly still standing.

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