Gibbet Hill Farm House, a Grange?

Gibbet Hill Farm House faces the Gibbet Hill road and forms part of a rectangular enclosure comprised of farm buildings with a substantial stone wall to the front . The site is currently used by Warwick University for grounds/maintenance staff and is well maintained – note the patching to the stone wall of the farm house sympathetically done.

Farm buildings

The farm buildings are laid out in a square with a central yard which may follow medieval boundarys; the stable range on one side and “barn” range seem to be of typical 19th century form, while the farm house shows a range of periods starting with possible medieval note stone mullioned windows in the quality stonework, using large blocks of stone. The second storey may represent 18th century work judging by the type of brick, while the front extension appears “modern”.

In the view of the substantial wall, seemingly of too good a quality for just a farm house, you can note what appears to be an infilled gateway that is in line with the quadrangle, formed by the three sides of a cojoined building.  With Cryfield, Millburn, and Styvechale granges all I think in the parish of Stoneleigh, why should this not be another one?

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