Site of Deserted Settlement near Burton Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of a deserted settlement dating to the Medieval period. The remains of the settlement are visible as an earthwork with features including a church site and crofts. It is located 750m south of Bishopton Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 Deserted Medieval village, Bishopton. Earthworks were sketch planned in 1976. The original village nucleus seems to have been situated at the end of the present lane, but subsequently encroached onto the strips of the field to the E. The area is very wet and there are a number of possible fishponds (PRN 6264). The church site was also distinguished (PRN 6261). The whole area is under pasture although some of the fields were ploughed during the last war.
2 Plan showing earthworks, church site, and fishponds.
3 Field survey.
4 Documentary evidence exists from 1016 on. The Medieval village continued to be occupied into the Post Medieval and Imperial periods (PRN 6262, PRN 6263). Traces of the village church (PRN 6261) also survive, as do traces of fishponds (PRN 6264). Since 1976 many of the features on the S side of the site have been filled in or removed. A number of small crofts can, however, still be identified.
5 Plan showing field names.
6 Plan.