Possible Romano-British trackway, Tiddington

Description of this historic site

A possible Roman trackway which shows up as a cropmark on aerial photographs. Archaeological work has uncovered ditches, but no material with which to make a positive dating. It is located to the east of New Street, Tiddington.

Notes about this historic site

2 Probable Roman road on the line of the road located in excavation (WA 4468) shows as a cropmark.
3 During evaluation work on the site in 1998 (WA 8319), some of the cropmark features were excavated and identified as ditches, though no dating evidence was obtained. They diminished in size to E, having presumably been eroded by subsequent agricultural activity. Drainage ditches along a trackway remains a plausible interpretation of E-W features, though one NW-SE element of cropmark was identified as a modern field drain. The apparent relationship of the trackway to adjacent pit alignments (WA 4677, WA 4944) suggests that it may have originated as part of an earlier field system (WA 8199).