Undated linear feature

Description of this historic site

A Prehistoric pit alignment, pits set at intervals along a single, or parallel, line. It has alternatively been interpreted as a grubbed out hedgerow. The feature is visible as a cropmark on aerial photographs. It is situated 500m north east of Welford Hill.

Notes about this historic site

2 Prehistoric pit alignment shows on aerial photographs.
3 Site 51 in survey.
4 Dating revised to between the late Bronze Age and the late Iron Age.
5 This site was further investigated as part of evaluation at Bank Farm, Welford-on-Avon. A single element that corresponded with the cropmark feature was located in Trench 6. This had an uneven and undulating base and was filled with late medieval and Post-Medieval material. It was interpeted as part of a grubbed out hedgerow.

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