The Angel public house, Church Street, Atherstone

Description of this historic site

Historic public house, situated in Church street, Atherstone.

Notes about this historic site

2 3 The Angel public house, Church Street, Atherstone.
Historic public house recorded on Pigot’s, F. White and Co.’s, and Victuallers’ databases. The latter shows it in existence in 1801.
Situated on the west side of Church Street, within the medieval settlement area.

4 Meeson and Vero suggest, using visible, limited evidence of the building’s structure, that the oldest parts of the Angel inn could have been built within a couple of decades either side of 1500.
They go on to add that the first identifiable innholder is Richard Robinson who was an occuplant of the building in 1652.
A room inventory from 1721 lists 15 beds in some 10 rooms.

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