Six air raid shelters at Stockingford Nursery School, St. Paul's Road, Nuneaton.

Description of this historic site

Six concrete air raid shelters located at the Stockingford Nurery School, St. Paul's Road, Nuneaton.

Notes about this historic site

1 A watching brief visit was carried out following the uncovering of an air raid shelter during groundworks. The remains of six concrete shelters were revealed in a line parallel to the south side of St Paul’s Road. The most complete examples were at the western end of the site. These were 9m long and 1.5m wide (at 0.5m deep). The shelters were formed of 0.20m thick reinforced concrete with a vaulted roof and were orientated north to south. Access was at the northern end by a series of concrete steps set at 90 degrees to the main shelter. The access probably acted as partial blast protection. The interior was partly visible in the partially broken out shelters, but only a maximum of 0.8m depth was recorded and no detailed features were revealed. A 0.65m square aperture was located in the roof at the southern end. This may have acted as emergency access and ventilation. A metal cover was present in one example. This included a circular vent and possible handle for operating the hatch. Electrical wire, presumably power for lighting and ?ventilation, was visible at the north end of several of the shelters.

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