Coventry Canal, Griff Arm Junction to S of Bermuda

Description of this historic site

A junction on the Coventry Canal, a waterway used for transporting goods. It dates from the Imperial period, and is in good condition if not navigable. It is situated 400m northwest of Burlingtom Road.

Notes about this historic site

1 Although built by Newdigate, the Griff Hollows Canal was separate from the Arbury system. Newdigate started work in 1785 upon a private canal from the Hollows on the Coventry line, which was to run 1320 yards westwards to a wharf to which coal was brought from the collieries by a tramroad. It was opened in 1787 and in constant use for 174 years until 1961.
2 Junction described in survey as no 2.
3 The canal is now traversed by major roads and an industrial estate. It appears unnavigable, but in good condition and in use as a feeder, of some kind.

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