Site of possible Romano British well near Sawbridge

Description of this historic site

The site of a Roman well which was situated in the vicinity of Sawbridge. Several Roman grey urns were recovered from the well.

Notes about this historic site

1 Sawbridge. 1689: John Earles while removing an old barn found a well about 1.2m square and full of water. When emptied a large square stone was found with several Roman grey urns. About twelve were taken out whole and as many broken by the fall of stones from above. The stone was about 6.1m deep and when removed the well was found to be at least 12.2m deeper. The bottom was not found but the well narrowed as it got deeper. One of the urns was in the possession of Thomas Clarke of Wolfhampcote, who sent the account to Dugdale.
2 The account suggests that the urns were arranged purposely in the well.
4 Noted by Ordnance Survey.

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