Site of possible minster church, Coleshill

Description of this historic site

Site of possible old minster church pre-Conquest, in the Blythe valley, on or close to the present church of St Peter and St Paul.

Notes about this historic site

12 Site of possible old minster church, Coleshill.
As an important royal centre, Coleshill was a logical place for a pre-Conquest minster church, the church being the centre of the Deanery of Arden, which may have roughly corresponded with the Coleshill Hundred extent.
Coleshill’s importance during the Anglo-Saxon period is hinted at by the Domesday Book which shows that it was a royal vill (manor).
Domesday survey also records the presence of a priest, hinting at a church; and from a later source from 1280 which records John de Clinton selling the advowson of Coleshill and the chapels of Le Leye, Overwhitacre and Nether Whitacre. These dependent chapels were still under Coleshill until the Reformation.

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