Site of Poss Neolithic Settlement 300m NE of Mill

Description of this historic site

The excavation of a ring ditch uncovered nine shallow storage pits of Neolithic date, together with sherds of Neolithic pottery. The features are suggestive of a settlement. The site is 300m north east of Baginton Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 1968: Rescue excavation on a ring ditch (PRN 6079) in advance of bypass construction revealed Neolithic features. The site is on a gently rising hillock just above the flood plain. A cluster of nine shallow hollows which are similar in size and shape to storage hollows on Neolithic sites. Hollow 1 produced sherds of Early Neolithic pottery. 31 sherds were recovered; these are similar to the Neolithic sherds from Warwick. The hollows were probably originally for storage.
2 Plan.

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