Fishponds 300m SE of Baginton Castle

Description of this historic site

Three fishponds, used for breeding and storing fish, are visible as earthworks. They date back to at least the Imperial period. The fishponds are situated 300m south east of Baginton Castle.

Notes about this historic site

1 Fishponds marked.
2 Fishponds marked.
3 The area centred in the above grid reference contains a series of three fishponds on the hillslope just above the river. Presumably they belonged to the Hall.
4 Approximately 230m south of the tower keep at Baginton Castle are the earthwork remains of three dry ponds, their retaining banks and the site of a watermill. The ponds were formed by damming the small stream within its narrow, steep valley. The dam for the eastern pond measures upto 50m in length and a sample section of the floor of this pond to the east is a Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM 21540). This dam has been partly rebuilt in recent times. Immediately to the north west of the dam for the eastern pond are the lower courses of a brick structure which represents the final phases of the watermill and is included as a SAM. There is no surface evidence for the wheel-pit which will survive as a buried feature.

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