Site of Medieval Vineyard to S of Castle Hill

Description of this historic site

An archaeological excavation revealed features which may relate to a Medieval vineyard. The vineyard is known to have existed from documentary evidence. The site is located south of Castle Hill, Warwick.

Notes about this historic site

1 1980: Excavation in advance of redevelopment located levelling on Site A immediately above the 12th century deposits. This probably relates to documentary evidence for a vineyard at this period.
2 Plan.
3The Vineyard is shown on numerous maps of Warwick from 1610 up until 1806. The site is lost somewhere within the curret stables car-park and the gardens. However, the north east corner of the site appears to be visible on modern mapping and has been visited by the noter. It consists of a high drop, down from car-park level to the disused toilet bloack within the gardens. The drop is marked by a rough sansdstone wall , partially soil covered, generally overgrown and hard to see clearly. This ought to be the Vineyard wall, or at least mark its position. Interestingly the Vineyard wall also ought to correspond with the line of the town defences and said wall might actually have utilised part of the town wall, assuming this was built. This would be the only other possible section of town wall in the whole of Warwick apart from the long known sections by the east and west gates.

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