Post Medieval finds at Hampton Road

Description of this historic site

Findspot - Post Medieval objects, including a buckle, ring and coins were found 100m south of the services on Warwick by-pass.

Notes about this historic site

1 Assorted objects were found by a metal detector comprising a trade weight, a knee buckle, a copper alloy finger ring and a copper alloy purse bar.
2 Four Post Medieval coins were found.
3 Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603), half groat, ovb. E.DD>g. (ROSA) SINA, crowned bust l., two pellets behind; rev. CIVITAS L(ONDON) square shield on cross fouree.
4 Charles I (1625 – 1649), penny, obv. CAROLVS D>G> [ ] REX, fourth bust, two pellets no inner circle; rev.] NVM FIRMAT, oval garnished shield.
5 Comonwealth (1649 – 1660), penny, obv. Sheild of St George and wrath of palm and laurel; rev. Conjoined shield of St George and Ireland, I above.
6 James II (1685 – 88) tin farthing, obv. IACOBVS S[ECVNDVS], bust r., rev. BRITAN[NIA], Britiannia seated l., date incertain.

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