Site of Medieval Chapel at Crimscote

Description of this historic site

Documentary evidence suggests that this is the site of a chapel of Medieval/Post Medieval date. The piscina survives in Whitchurch Church. It is located at Crimscote.

Notes about this historic site

1 A chapel is mentioned at Crimscote in 1547.
2 The chapel is shown on Beighton’s map of 1725. It is still there on the map in Dugdale’s 2nd edition, although it is no longer called a chapel. On the West Estate Map of 1810 a small building is shown oriented E-W and this may have been the remains of the chapel. The 1810 map shows the chapel within its own close. A cottage near to this site was demolished in 1972 and an ornately carved piscina and two sizable carved heads of the type used to support roof beams were found. The piscina is now in Whitchurch church, one of the heads is a garden ornament at a house in Alderminster and the other has been lost. Replicas of the heads are in Whitchurch church.
3 The piscina appears to be of 12th century date.

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