Site of Lark Stoke House

Description of this historic site

The site of Lark Stoke house is presumed to be the site of the current house of Lower Lark Stoke. The house was garissoned during the civil war, and burned down in 1645 by Parliamentarian troops.

Notes about this historic site

1 Shortly before the 8th of February 1645 a force of Parliamentarian troops from Warwick, under Major John Bridges, the governor of the castle attacked the house and stables at dawn. The house is described as being stone and the garrison had blocked up the windows and doors with brick and stone. After an hour and a half of fighting the Parliamentarian troops broke in and captured the house. It was then burned.
2 This is presumably the site of the current large house next to the DMV.
3 The Listed Building entry refers to an earlier C17 date for establishment of the house, which is presumably incorrect.

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