Site of Grange Mill, 800m SE of Abbey, Stoneleigh

Description of this historic site

The site of Grange Mill, a watermill which was originally built during the Medieval period. The mill is known to have existed from documentary evidence. It was situated 1km south east of Stoneleigh Abbey.

Notes about this historic site

1 There were two mills attached to the manor in 1086; in 1291 a third mill at Home Grange, S of the Abbey, and others at Stareton and Cryfield are mentioned. The Home Grange mill, with its pond and holm, was leased by the convent to a merchant of Coventry in 1367. In 1535 the monks were receiving rents from six mills.
2 Grange Mill shown.
3 There are no visible traces of the mill, but the site seems a suitable one as several small streams converge here.
4 This site requires further documentary research.
5 Marked on the 1597 Goodwin Estate Map as Grange Mill and three schematic buildings are shown to the north an west of the island. By the later middle ages it is likely to have been converted for fulling or other industrial purposes and it is possible that the medieval buildings and/or industrial activity spread over the whole island. The stream running northwards from the island has sluices and could originally have neen a leat or canalised stream forming part of the water management system of the mill, along with fish ponds on the north of the island.

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