Site of Chapel of St Mary Magdalene, Hillborough

Description of this historic site

The site of the chapel of St Mary Magdalene which was of Medieval date. The site of the chapel is known from documentary evidence and it is visible as a cropmark on aerial photographs. It was situated 200m south of Hillborough Manor.

Notes about this historic site

1 There was a chapel of St Mary Magdalene in Hillborough, which was pulled down by John Hubaud in the 16th century, who was accused of having carried away the bells, timber, and ornaments and of converting the profits to his own use.
2 C Dyer records that a stone coffin was found in the DMV field.
4 Aerial photographs show a subrectangular enclosure with a large stone building (?a chapel) inside it.
5 Plan dated 1986.
6HER lidar layer shows enclsoure (presumably graveyard) and the grassed over foundations of a rectangular building orientated east-west, presumably the chapel. The earthworks of the settlement are also much larger than previosuly recorded

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