Site of Anglo-Saxon timber buildings, Wootton Wawen churchyard

Description of this historic site

The site of early medieval timber buildings immediately to the north of the west end of the church. They predate an early medieval graveyard.

Notes about this historic site

1 Notes from the excavation.
2 Letter informing the Museum that a grave digger had encountered foundations and two ancient burials.
3 Rough plan of Wootton Wawen dating from c.1570.
4 This phase marks the earliest activity on the site during the excavations between 1974-5. The bases of a number of large postholes for timber buildings. The burials cutting the building features have been dated by Carbon 14 analysis to no earlier than AD 1050. However, a much earlier date is suggested as being most appropriate, either ancilliary to an early wooden church or already on the site when the land was granted away by Aethelbald in the eighth century.

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