Rugby Nursery

Description of this historic site

Nursery run from c. 1850. Purchased by Rugby School for use as cricket field in 1885. 1887 Ordnance Survey shows site much reduced in size with just the northern section, cottage, greenhouses and some ornamental planting surviving. Recommended for inclusion on Local List by Lovie.

Notes about this historic site

1 2 Rugby Nursery, off Hilmorton Road.
Nursery run by George Batley, FRHS. Established in the late 1840s.
Lovie reports that the premises were located behind early 19th century houses on Hillmorton Road. A drive led between the houses from the public road to a cottage which still stood at the time of Lovie’s report (1996/7).
The nursery occupied a long strip of land comprisin about half a field known as Caldecott’s Piece, immediately to the west of the future Whitehall Road Recreation Ground.
The premises along with Caldecott’s Piece were purchased by Rugby School for use as a cricket field in 1885.
The 1887 Ordnance Survey shows the nursery reduced in size, with just the norther section, the cottage and greenhouses retained.
Lovie reports that at the time of his visit, the brick structure on the site of the nursery still retains Batley’s name over the arched entrance. Some ornamental planting , including a Douglas fir, Cedar and a large golden yew survived on the site.
Love states that it is possible that the surviving brick building might merit consideration for Listed Building Status.

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