Nursery, Long Street, Atherstone

Description of this historic site

Large nursery with regular paths, trees and glasshouses. Site developed.

Notes about this historic site

12 Nursery, Long Street, Athersone.
Lovie reports a large nursery, once know as The Grapery, with regular paths, trees and glasshouses.
There is some confusion in the source SWA17673 between the Nursery at Long Street and a nursery known as The Grapery at Whittington (parish of Grendon). The following is quoted from the source SWA17671 compiled by Lovie.

“The 6” Ordnance Survey (1888) shows one notable establishment on Long Street, to the south east of Atherstone. This extensive site was laid out with regular paths, specimen trees and a range of glasshouses. White’s ‘History and Directory of Warwickshire’ (1874) indicates that this was the site known as ‘The Grapery’ which formed part of a property belonging to the Governors of Atherstone Grammar School. In addition to the site on Long Street, the property, which was let as a nursery from 1718 to 1887, included buildings and land at Whittington in the neighbouring parish of Grendon. In 1874, The Grapery was described as “a large nursery groundÂ…occupied by Mrs. Sage”; by 1892 the business had passed to James Durno. ‘Kelly’s Directory’ provides some indication of Durno’s business which comprised: “Nurseryman, florist and seedsman, grape and rose growing a specialite, Long Street and the Graperies, Grendon”. It is not entirely clear whether The Graperies were situated at Atherstone or Grendon, but there is no indication from map evidence of any nursery premises at Grendon in the late 19th century.”

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