Roman building, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

Various finds, including tesserae, painted plaster and tiles, suggest that this was the site of a Roman building. The site was located on the north side of Meeting Lane.

Notes about this historic site

1 Fragments of Roman tesserae and plaster with maroon and red paint, some on white surface, and fragments of flanged tile. Also many flanged tiles and building tiles for hypocaust pilae etc.
2 it is unclear if this site is separate from MWA477. The source cannot be located to check this.
3 Museum form from 1970 gives brief details.
4 Source located which gives more details to Seaby’s notes. Collections of 17th-19th century objects also reported. Pottery fragments dating from 3rd century to the present day (E.W Jephcott Collection). This site seems to be separate from MWA477; described as ‘in garden behind meeting lane’.
5 Anonymous factual correction to 4, ‘half-round tiles (tegulae)’ –> imbreces

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