Ranelagh Gardens/Cullis' Nursery, Leamington Spa

Description of this historic site

Opened in 1811 as the Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens and Exotic Nursery; the spa's first public pleasure gardens. Closed c 1860. site redeveloped.

Notes about this historic site

1 2 Ranelagh Gardens/ Cullis’ Nursery, Leamington Spa.
Lovie reports that the Ranelagh Pleasrue Gardens and Exotic Nursery were opened in 1811 as the spa’s first public pleasure grounds. Sold in 1814 to John Culls who developed them both as a major nuersery and a public attraction. The gardens closed within a few years of Cullis’ death in 1849.
Site of gardens largely developed but part remains as ercereation ground at time of Lovie’s report (1996/7).

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