Quarter Mile Post (Site 18)

Description of this historic site

A quarter milepost dating to the Imperial period on the disused railway. These mileposts marked every quarter of a mile along the railway track. This particular milepost is situated 300m east of Salford Priors.

Notes about this historic site

1 Spanning the River Arrow is a former railway bridge with abutments built in engneering brick with stone copings. The abutments on the north side of the river have a Midland Railway style quarter milepost situated by them; this bears the legend ’65’ on both faces. Quarter mileposts were used by all railway companies as a means of sectioning up the line and providing a ready means of identifying locations along the route. The position of the post denoted the exact point at which the quarter mile was reached. This quarter milepost is marked as being 68.5 miles from Derby and 3.5 miles from the quarter mile post identified earlier and will not be affected by the construction of the new bypass. It is a remarkable survival which has escaped the attentions of collectors of memorabilia because access is so difficult. It should be offered to a suitable society or to Warwick Museum. Another post (site 15) a notice post at SPO852 and a third at SP0851 (site 16) are badly damaged and have no value.

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