Pottery Manufacturing Site, 'Broadclose', Mancetter.

Description of this historic site

The site of several pottery kilns dating to the Roman period. The site lies 220m south west of the Bull Inn, Mancetter.

Notes about this historic site

1 1959: Pottery kiln discovered. Damaged by ploughing and only lower 33-35 cm remained. Stokehole 1.8m long, flue O.9m long and 0.3m wide and constructed of large stones and cobbles. A mortarium kiln.
2 1964: several pottery kilns and a glass-making furnace (PRN 6244) was discovered during an excavation, but not fully excavated.
3 Seven potters’ kilns were excavated. Mortaria made up half the output of the 5 2nd century kilns, but the whole output of the 3rd century and 4th century kilns. Some potters, notably Iunius and Sarrus, used kilns both here and at Hartshill.
4 1965: Excavations continued on a heated drying shed associated with the kilns (PRN 6241).
5 1965: A partial magnetometer survey of the N part of field to the SE of Broadclose (field No 7964 on 1957 25″ map). The results have indicated 2-4 possible kiln sites. This is in keeping with details of the area.
7 Plan of 1965 survey.
8 1969: Five kilns or furnaces, of which two were of unknown type and purpose, were excavated. The kilns had been used by Icotasgus and others for the production of mortaria, roughcast beakers and other coarse ware vessels in the mid C2.
9 1970: Three kilns and other features (PRN 6243) excavated and another kiln located. The kilns produced 2nd century and 3rd century pottery, including products of Victor and Sarvs, while a working-floor discovered held two small rectangular features probably used for storing or puddling clay.
10 1971: A 2nd century kiln used by Loccius Vibius and others was also revealed.
11 1976: One third of Broadclose was surveyed using a magnetometer. Two previously unknown kilns and other features were located.
12 Site description.
13 Plan.
14 1977: A magnetometer survey discovered two previously unknown kiln sites.
15 In the week beginning the 6th September, an archaeologist working on behalf of the DoE made a magnetometer survey over about a third of the field known as ‘Broadclose’ where an excavation has been conducted for several seasons on the pottery-making site (WA 387) which probably stretches from Mancetter to Hartshill. The results of the survey are not yet availbale but two previously unknown kilns were found.
16 Plan of 1977 Survey.
17 Archival material from 1965.
18 Archival material from 1969.
19 Photocopied pages of WMANS no 14 in FI file describing the work done in 1970.
20 Archival material from 1971.
21 Archival material: excavation report from 1977.
22 Plan of the road system at Broadclose and to the west. 1977 or later.
23 Archival material. Precis of information on three grid references.
24 Noted. Kilns producing coarseware and mortaria; roads, associated features, 1st-4th century.

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