Caldwell Hall park/garden, Attleborough

Description of this historic site

Park with lake and boundary planting; pleasure grounds with walks. House demolished c.1950. Site of house partly remains as public open space.

Notes about this historic site

12 Caldwell Hall, Attleborough, Nuneaton
Lovie states that this was perhaps the most significant 20th centruy designed landscape in the District. It had extensive pleausre grounds with lawns, shrubberies, paddock with small lake and an area of woodland with specimen tree planting, walks and small garden structure. Plans detailing a remodelling of the garden survive from 1923 but the extent to which these were implemented is unknown. The house suffered bomb damage in WWII and was demolished c.1950
The site of the Hall, off Avenue Road, partly remains as public open space with athletics track and a few specimen trees which may survive from the former grounds.

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