Possible Round Barrows 900m W of Five Lane Ends

Description of this historic site

The site of two possible round barrows, circular mounds of earth usually concealing a burial. They probably dated to the Bronze Age. The site is located 500m east of Shelford.

Notes about this historic site

1 At SP4288 are two mounds which were first noted by their remarkable silhouette on an E-W hedgeline which crosses them. 1960: Both mounds have been spread by the plough. N of the hedge they are grass-covered, and to the S they are under the plough. There is no trace of a ditch. The W mound has a diameter of 47m and is 1.5m high, and the other has a diameter of 35m and is 0.6m high. The mounds, which have the appearance of barrows, but could possibly be windmill mounds, have been surveyed.
3 1978: The hedge retains the original profile of the mounds, which have been reduced to either side by ploughing.

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