Possible Roman Kiln 500m N of Rye Grass Hill, Fenny Compton.

Description of this historic site

Documentary evidence, together with concentrations of pottery debris on the ground, suggest that there was a Roman kiln in this area, 1km south east of Fenny Compton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Much pottery (Samian, pelves, grey-blue common ware, etc) was found in 1881 in draining the ‘Great Grounds’, a field about half a mile S of the village on the lane to Farnborough fields; some pieces resembled wasters from a kiln.
2 Local enquiries failed to locate Great Ground.
3 The name Great Ground has now disappeared, but it has been suggested that the two large fields called Home Ground were once called Great Ground. The fields were walked after they were ploughed. An extensive scatter of stone and pottery was recorded at SP425. These were sherds of Roman grey ware, tile and Late and Post Medieval pottery (PRN 6168). It seems probable that the Romano-British site is not far away.
4 Reference 3 records the VCH as mentioning a tile kiln, but I can find no trace of a mention of anything other than a pottery kiln.

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