Site of Medieval Tile Kiln in Potters Lane

Description of this historic site

The site of a tile kiln that produced patterned tiles. The kiln was Medieval in date and was situated in Potters Lane, Polesworth.

Notes about this historic site

1 Some of the patterned Medieval tiles in Polesworth Church appear to be ‘wasters’. In Polesworth there still stands a cottage known as the Potter’s House in Potters Lane, and it is of no surprise to learn from the sexton that the ‘wasters’ referred to were found in Potters Lane in his time. As in other places the production of tobacco pipes followed that of tiles, and the remains of the kiln were only removed a few years ago.
3 Some years ago the old kiln was there, or rather parts of it, and the old pipes and tiles were scattered about.
4 The tiles are still in situ on the wall of Polesworth Church photographs held within Warwickshire Museum Field Services Project Group.

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