Possible prehistoric enclosure, Meer Hill, Loxley

Description of this historic site

A cropmark, seemingly of two parallel ditches with a rounded end, runs across a cultivated field at Meer Hill, Loxley. The site is potentially of prehistoric origin; but little artefactual evidence has been recovered in its vicinity.

Notes about this historic site

1 A cropmark is visible on a single layer of Google Earth imagery, consisting of two parallel ditches, c.20m apart with a rounded terminal at the NE end. These run to the SW, continuing over a field boundary but are not visible in the adjacent field. This feature was first reported by A. Dobedoe, of Meer Hill, Loxley. They are not visible on any other Google Earth layer other than in 2007.
2 A biref site visit was conducted to this site on 08/03/2014, to evaluate its potential, and to evaluate a small collection of flint made by the landowners. The cropmark sits on a slight but noticeable rise within the field. During unsystematic fieldwalking, only a single further core was recovered, with another core having been previously recovered from the site. The odd fragment of burnt flint was also noted but not retained. The evidence is inconclusive, and it will be of interest if any further artefacts are recorded from the site. On morphological grounds, this feature bears superficial similarity with the cursus monuments identified in the county, such as the cursus at Charlecote.

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