Possible Neolithic to Bronze Age Round Barrow

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a round barrow, an artificial mound of earth usually constructed to cover a burial. The barrow may have dated between the Early Neolithic and Late Bronze Age periods. It was situated 500m south east of Oldbury. This site may equally be a Windmill Mound or a Romano-British Pottery Kiln.

Notes about this historic site

1 In 1773 a cottager inclosed an unnoticed ‘tumulus’ which stood about one and three quarter miles SE of Oldbury. This tumulus was about 24.5m wide at the base 6m across at the top and about 8.2m high, the height at the top being about 3.9m (note that these measurements do not make sense). On cutting down into the tumulus at a level a little below that of the surrounding ground was a brick pavement, with a hole at each corner. In 1777 a stone axe was found in this area during ploughing (PRN 6096) and Bartlett observed more burnt stone here in 1777.

2 It has been suggested that this was in fact the floor of an RB pottery kiln with a waster-heap above (see PRN 6097).

3 The description for the location of this site appears to tie in very closely with the site of Tuttle Hill Windmill (MWA1885). The dimensions given for the ‘tumulus’ also match the dimensions on the OS 1st edition (1:2500) at 6m wide for the Windmill Tower and 24-25m wide for the enclosing wall.

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