Possible building, The Orchard, Wilmcote

Description of this historic site

A geophysical survey revealed evidence of a building and other structures, walls and/or pathways. These possibly date to the Post Medieval period. The site is situated 100m north of the church, Wilmcote.

Notes about this historic site

1 In 1932 it was suggested that this is the site of a manor house or farm house possibly belonging to Robert Arden, Shakespeare’s maternal grandfather. At present there
is no documentary evidence to support this view.
2 In February 1995 a resistance survey revealed a complex of features which are open to interpretation. However, the survey located one possible building and anomalies suggesting the presence of other structures, walls and/or pathways. It is impossible to provide a date for any features, although the anomalies do not coincide with a farm building shown on the 1932 OS map. See MWA19115 for further information.

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