Pit alignment, Wishaw Hall Farm, Wishaw

Description of this historic site

An Iron Age pit alignment uncovered near Grove Lane, Wishaw during site excavations connected with the Birmingham Northern Relief Road project.

Notes about this historic site

1 A pit alignment comprising a single line of square holes 1.5m wide and 2.5m apart ,centre to centre, and aligned north-south, were revealed halfway down the slope adjacent to a Medieval lynchet (MWA9089). One pit contained a human skull and sherds of middle Iron Age pottery.
2 Fuller report on the pit alignment, including conclusions on its regional importance. The pit alignment is described as slightly sinuous ENE-WSW aligned. 30 pits were fully or partially exposed during excavation, and the alignment almost certainly continued to both the east and west of the limits of excavation. Individual pits varied in shape from near-circular to oval, and square or rectangular, and up to 0.70m deep.There were no obvious changes of direction within the alignment, which might indicate sectional or ‘gang’ working during construction. Stones, two sherds of Middle Iron Age pottery and the partial remains of an inverted human skull appeared to have been deliberately placed at the base of pit 191221. The radiocarbon date retrieved from the skull indicated that it was of significantly older date than its deposition in a Middle Iron Age context might otherwise suggest.

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