Percival Guildhouse, Bloxam Place, Rugby

Description of this historic site

Percival Guildhouse, a house that was built during the Imperial period. It is named after a former headmaster of Rugby School. The house is now in use as an adult education centre. It is situated in Bloxam Place, Rugby.

Notes about this historic site

1 Described as a “nondescript Victorian house” and named after Dr Percival (headmaster of Rugby School 1887-95), the building is of interest mostly because of the association with M.H. Bloxam, who lived there.
2 It was opened as an adult education centre in 1925. The building has three storeys and a tower with a steep pyramid shape roof. There is a plaque “Mathew Holbeche Bloxam 1805-1888, Antiquary, Lived in this house”. The building appears to be in use as an adult education centre. Note finds from this area WA 03349 and 03350.

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