Moat to W of Manor Farm, Draycote

Description of this historic site

A moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building. It dates to the Medieval period and is still visible as an earthwork. It is situated to the west of Manor Farm, Draycote.

Notes about this historic site

1 Part of a moat exists to the NW side of the house at Manor Farm. There is also a fishpond complex (PRN 5400). The whole forms a large manorial site.
2 The fourth side of the moat has been re-excavated and the moat refilled. It is in fact possible that the fourth (SW) side never existed.
4 The owner has re-excavated large portions of the earthwork complex in an attempt to restore it to something like its original form. It seems likely that the fourth side has actually been added to complete the circuit. To the E of the main moat is a feature which may represent a second moat, although it is very incomplete. Taken together these suggest a substantial manorial complex.
5 Moated site survey.
6 Archaeological watching brief near the moated site (centred on SP442699) did not reveal any medieval featues, only a well contemporary with house and a sherd of 17th-18th century Blackware pottery.
7Two moats clearly visible on lidar imagery at south-west side of site. Moat around Manor House not visible. Fishpond complex adjoining on south-east.

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