Moat to SW of Forde Hall

Description of this historic site

A double moated site, a moat being a wide ditch usually surrounding a building. The moats are still partially visible as earthworks and there are traces of possible ridge and furrow within the east moat. Of Medieval origin, they are situated 500m north west of Mockley Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 A double moat sited in a valley bottom.
2 A generally well-preserved double moat. The island is 60m square and 80m by 60m; there are internal and external banks generally 0.4m high around the E island and external banks on the S and W sides of the W island. The arms average 10m wide and 2.5m deep. The stream which flows along the N side forms a natural boundary. At the NE corner is a mutilated fragment of the moat which has the appearance of being unfinished. The moat is generally dry but there stretches of water in the S arm.
4 Possible traces of ridge and furrow exist inside the E moat. A causeway has recently been bulldozed across the N and S arms of the E moat.

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