Moat to N of Milcote Manor

Description of this historic site

A moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building, which dates to the Medieval period. Some of the moat is still visible as an earthwork. It is situated 300m south east of All Saints Church, Luddington.

Notes about this historic site

1 At Lower Milcote is a moated site, roughly 61m square.
2 Most of the moat has been either destroyed or incorporated into a landscape garden. On the E the inner scarp is represented by a rockery, while the outer is still evident in the plough. A two-arched brick bridge crosses the remains of the ditch to the S. 16th and 17th century remains survive in the manor house.
3 No trace of the W arm remains and the N side could only be identified by the differential colouring of grass over the destroyed ditch. A pond has recently been constructed on the E.
4 The GIS record for this record appears to be wrong. The record seems to refer to a moat in the garden to the North of the Manor House. This site was originally mapped on the overlay to the East of the Manor Complex. The mapping has therefore been adjusted. There are vague features apparent on aerial photography to the E of the house (see MWA12477). A potential moat is also visible to the S of the Manor House complex (see MWA12478). The site referred to in VCH 1 is difficult to locate.

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