Moat 200m W of Wolston Priory

Description of this historic site

A moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building. It dates to the Medieval period, and was possibly associated with Wolston Priory. It is still visible as earthwork, and is situated 500m northeast of St Margaret' Church, Wolston.

Notes about this historic site

Earthworks of Medieval moated site, possibly associated with Wolston Priory.

1 Wolston Priory is locally ascribed to the moated site at the above grid reference, but there are no surface indications to corroborate this.
2 A roughly oval moated site, the moat still wet, with slight inner bank and various humps within. The moated site may be the location of the original small alien priory.
3 Roughly 80m by 60m, polygonal, without enclosure banks. The moat is about 10m wide and 2m deep. Water stands in the E part of the moat.
5 Site scheduled as SAM 117. Site is in good order and the management agreement adhered to.
6 Management agreement renewed in 1989 (see FI file)
7 New SAM number 21558. The alien priory was founded between 1086 and 1194 by Hubert Boldran and belonged to the Benedictine abbey of St Pierre-sur-Dive. The remains of the priory are visible as earthworks in the eastern and southern parts of the site. In 1394 the alien priory was sold to the Carthusian priory of St Anne in Coventry in order that the site and its land could be used as a farming venture. The Carthusians were probably responsible for the moated site to the north-west of the alien priory earthworks, during the late 14th/15th century. The buildings of the priory were probably demolished at this time. The north-west, south-west and south-east arms of the moat are now dry, and a stream flows along the moat’s east arm. The moated island is raised above the surrounding ground surface, there are traces of an internal bank along the edge of the island. In 1539 St Anne’s Priory was dissolved and the site became the property of the Wigston family who constructed the house called The Priory, apparently outside the original precinct boundary.

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