Moat 200m NE of Bockenden Grange

Plan of former fishponds near Stoneleigh | Warwickshire County Council
Plan of former fishponds near Stoneleigh
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

The site of a moat, a wide ditch surrounding a building, which dates to the Medieval period. It is still partially visible as an earthwork, and is situated 500m east of Black Waste Wood at Stoneleigh.

Notes about this historic site

1 A near square homestead moat, the S and W arms of which are waterfilled, the remainder dry. The enclosed area is now occupied by two buildings and there is no sign of former habitation. General condition of moat fair – heavily overgrown. The present grange is modern.
2 Until recently two buildings of unknown date and origin occupied the site, but these have now been demolished and a new dwelling has been built behind the moat. The moat now forms part of the garden and is quite overgrown in places. The moat was fed from a water system which also fed fishponds (PRN 2860).
3 The enclosure is about 70m by 50m, the moat is about 10-12m wide and the S and W arms are waterlogged.
4 One of three moats within 200m of one another. This lay in what was until 1810 a small enclave in the unenclosed land of Westwood Heath, and did not form part of the monastic grange at the Dissolution.

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