Migration period burial

Description of this historic site

An Anglo-Saxon burial dating to the Migration period. Two saucer brooches and a buckle were found with the skeleton. The burial was located 500m south west of Aston Cantlow.

Notes about this historic site

1 1851: In Mill Field a burial was found on the brow of a hill, about 0.3m below the surface, the head raised somewhat above the feet. The head faced N and the hands seem to have been folded over the breast. Two gilt saucer brooches, one on either shoulder, a buckle lying on the chest, and below it a white stone bead (?a spindle-whorl) were found.
2 The burial was reburied at approximately the same location as it was discovered.
3 Listed in gazetteer of burials.
4 The site is now a caravan park.

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