Medieval/Post Medieval Fishponds at The Pools

Description of this historic site

Fishponds used for the breeding and storage of fish, are known from documentary evidence. They date to the Medieval/Post Medieval period, and are visible as earthworks. They are situated at The Pools, Burton Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 Fishponds marked.
2 Fishponds marked.
3 Three large fishponds near Bockendon Grange were drained shortly before the middle of the 19th century and cartloads of fish were found. 1951: The remains of these three fishponds consist of three dams across a small stream, which have been breached with the result that the fishponds are now dry and heavily overgrown.
4 Maximum height of W dam 2.2m; maximum height of centre dam 3.2m; maximum height of E dam 1.5m.
5 The dams are in an overgrown, ill-kept wood, but apart from fallen trees and heavy undergrowth appear to be intact.

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