Medieval/Post Medieval Fishpond to S of Hunger Hill

Description of this historic site

A fishpond used for the breeding and storage of fish, which dates to the Medieval/Post Medieval period. An associated dam is also visible as an earthwork. The site has been fully surveyed, and is situated to the south of Hunger Hill, Wootton Wawen.

Notes about this historic site

1 A fishpond which may have been the ‘Newenton Ponde’ recorded in a perambulation of 1608 has been surveyed by a University of Warwick extramural class. The pool lay beside the old course of the May’s Hill Road near Hunger Hill Bridge and was probably subject to periodic flooding. It had been drained by 1736 and the feeder streams were diverted around the pool field by means of a substantial dam which obtains a maximum height of c1.8m. An additional ditch to the W taps the main feeder stream and these features may have been to prevent flooding or to create a greater head of water to operate a mill in the vicinity. No documentary evidence exists. A fishpond has now been recontructed on the site.

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